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Heli Carrier – V1020

Heli Carrier – V1020

Heli Carrier – Capacity: up to 4500lbs/2045kg

Ideal for owner of single heli or light operations.

AS350, B206B, B206L, B407,EC120, EC130, M

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The V1020 is for owners of a single lighter weight helicopter or for light operations in climate friendly conditions.


Operation: Right hand grip slider button controls low speed horizontal movement. Left hand grip slider button controls vertical movement. For extra safety: Fast speed requires holding both grips. Index finger on left hand grip activates fast speed mode.
Hydraulic Traction Wheel Motor: V1020, V1020 : 600 lbs straight pull
V1030 to V1040 : 1200 lbs straight pull for more capacity
Traction Wheel: Type: Deep set threads pneumatic tire / 65 psi operation.
Wheel: 16.5″x6.5″ (42 x 17cm) with 8″ (20cm) hub.
Hydraulic Pump: Gear Pump Max: 3200 lbs
V1020 & V1022 6.c.c.
V1030 to V1040 8.5.c.c. for hydraulic motor higher flow
Drive Motor: Using only 4 hp of the 20 hp. / up to 10 kw capacity / 48 volts / fan cooled continuous use 80% duty cycle motor.
Electrical System: 48v to Drive Motor / 12v valve driver / 24v to APU (option).
Batteries: Carrier requires 4 x 12 volts Deep Cycle Batteries (size: Group 27) Our model: BAGM27 absorbed glass mat (AGM).
Battery Charger: 115/230v / 10 amps.
Converter: 48v-to-12v Converter added to ensure batteries discharge equally. Prevents uneven long term battery performance.
Hydraulic Safety Lock: Hydraulic system designed to control speed when rolling on slope. Keeps machine from accelerating due to gravity.
Oil Tank: Large Oil tank for 100% Duty Cycle. Greater oil quantity helps maintain low temperature and thus lowers energy consumption
Autonomy: 2 hours non-stop / or 10 hangaring-cycles of 750′ (230m)


Airbus Helicopters
formerly Eurocopter
AS 350


Bell B206B
MD MD 500 (with pod)


Load capacity: 2000 kg (4500 lbs)
Length: 434 cm (171 inches)
Width: 147 cm (58 inches)
Pump: 6.c.c.


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