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Heli-Towcart – V201 Robinsons & Light Turbine

Heli-Towcart – V201 Robinsons & Light Turbine

The V201 is ideal for operators needing compatibility to multiple helicopter types ! Popular with Robinson owners for its electric lift. Favored for privat

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The V201 is ideal for operators needing compatibility to multiple helicopter types ! It is also the most popular of our Robinson carts models.


Lift: Electrical Lift
Frame: Heavy Duty & Extendable Main Frame
Handle: Double fold handle for compact storage
Front wheels: Double pneumatic swivel wheels
Rear wheels: Large & wide traction wheels 13″x6″ (33x15cm)
Ground Clearance: 3″ (7.5cm)
Work bests: On regular tarmac, challenging terrain and winter conditions with Robinsons & Enstroms. For other helicopters (EC120, AS350, B206B), the V201 works best on regular tarmac


Attachment system can be interchanged from AT44 block for Robinsons to AT45 attachment bar or AT120 block for other helicopters. Minimum clearance with AT45 attachment bar on: 16.25″(41cm) [AT44], [AT45], [AT120]


Traction System: 2x 300 watts motors
Batteries: 12 volts deep cycle
2x Group 24
70-85 amps hour
10 7/8″x6 3/4″x9 7/8″ (28x17x25cm)
(Batteries not included)
(Known as “marine” or “rv”, readily available worldwide)
Battery charger: 4amps, 115/230v (Included)
Control Panel: Control box set up on folding arm with throttle button & speed & direction dial
Brakes: Set to OFF position for free wheel mode
(Can be put in ON position for slope operation).

Robinson R22
Bell 206B
Airbus Helicopters
formerly Eurocopter H120
Other Enstroms
Planes Up to Cessna 310

Tow hook for light plane (model OAT)
Winter cables (model OWC)
Power Supply APU kit (model OPSB)
Weight kit (model OWK)
146lbs / 66kg (weight blocks inserted into cabinet to optimize traction)


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