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Military, Civil Defence and Govt. Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft Docking Systems


Designed and manufactured in Germany our docking systems deliver exceptional quality and certified safety to the user. Used worldwide and manufactured for over 30 years for both Civil and Military aircraft including helicopters…

Aircraft Loading Systems


Over the years there have been humanitarian catastrophes, hostile conflicts and peace keeping missions, all to maintain a stable World. With all these events, from the Falklands to Afghanistan, our equipment is normally the first items of ground support equipment to go…

Aircraft Ground Power And Aircon


With years of experience in particular supplying aircraft ground power world wide we have selected the absolute best products for regional aircraft requirements. Our European manufactured systems are “built to purpose” and built to last with a relatively low continual operation cost…

Mobile Trackway


Our European based company specialises in woven vehicle mobility solutions. The Vehicle Mobility product range enables drivers around the globe to keep their vehicles moving, even if roads are in a poor state of repair or completely non-existent…

Fuel Supply And Storage


Aviation – Ship To Shore-land Forces –bulk Storage – Bulk Deployment

Over many years we have selected to best possible fuel solutions via our two main suppliers in Europe and Canada…

Water Solutions

Our water solutions consist of several European manufacturers delivering bulk potable water solutions, transportable and portable water treatment/purifying plants…

Field Kitchens, Laundry and Ablution Blocks


Our European Field Kitchen manufacturers have been supplying Military faction for over 50 years , we select their products as we consider them the best in design and durability. …

Mobile Workshops


Our European based designers and manufacturers have been building custom designed systems for military use worldwide for over 50 years…

Power Generation


After years of successful military trials, exacting specifications and significant investment, our UK based manufacturer is now able to offer its products to its wordwide customer base, with the pedigree you would expect from a set designed for the rigours of Military service…

Field Lighting


We offer direct from Europe portable lighting that is more powerful, more diverse and more affordable that any system in its class in the world…

Hawker ArmaSafe Plus Batteries


Regardless of the name applied, the ARMASAFE Plus 6TAGM battery remains the original and preferred choice for military vehicle batteries and military aircraft…

Barry Military Products


Barry makes the best Helicopter Long Lines and Helicopter Cargo Nets in the world; our expert service is in a class of its own…

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